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The 3-Minute Rule:

How To Say Less To Get More From Any Pitch or Presentation

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Brant Pinvidic, Producer of 300+ TV Shows & Movies Including The Biggest Loser & Bar Rescue - Reveals The Exact Method He Uses To Get Studios To Turn Over Millions For His Ideas...In 3 Minutes!

Most people think that in order to pitch something BIG, it requires an elaborate 20-minute slide deck with fancy graphs and charts.

UNTRUE! says Brant Pinvidic. All you need to be taken seriously is 3 minutes.

As one of Hollywood’s most successful producers,

he has the goods to back it up. Brant has used his 3-Minute Pitch method to get risk-averse Hollywood studios to part with their money and turn his ideas into reality.

But Brant’s methods aren’t just for the Hollywood Elite! He’s taught his method to everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs pitching billion dollar deals, to contractors pitching home restoration projects. It doesn’t matter how big the deal, the 3-Minute Pitch works...but only when done correctly. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn on this webinar. 

You’ll discover:

  • The “WHAC” Method: how to boil any idea down to its most essential components and structure it for maximum impact.
  • How to use the power of storytelling to sway even the toughest prospects
  • How to craft a pitch so good your audience not only remembers your message, but can pass it on to their friends and colleagues

Tell Your Story. Say Less. Get More.

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No Gimmicks, Just Results

“Ditch the theatrics, the flashy slides, and the long-winded explanations. Brant Pinvidic’s game-changing approach to making pitches and presentations proves that if you simplify your information all you need is three minutes.

No gimmicks, just results.”

Tony Robbins

Author of MONEY Master the Game and Unshakeable

Will Absolutely Empower Your Career 

"The 3-Minute Rule will absolutely empower your career, reorder your priorities and improve your life.  Brant is an extraordinary leader.  It's a great privilege to learn from him and be mentored by him."

Kathy Ireland

Chair, CEO, & Chief Designer,

Kathy Ireland® Worldwide

If there was a Pitch Rescue,

I'd trust Brant Pinvidic to save the day

“Brant has the skills and intuition to pitch in some of the toughest situations and achieve brilliant results."

Jon Taffer

Host of Bar Rescue & Author of

"Don't Bullsh*t Yourself"

Say Less To Get More From Any Pitch Or Presentation.

"Convey everything of value about your business, product, or service, clearly, concisely, and accurately in three minutes or less."