ENTREPRENEURS: Are You Sick of “Grinding” For Weeks and Months on End...With Little To Show For It?

Discover The Little-Known “Impact Sprinting”

Technique a Serial Entrepreneur Uses To 

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...without working 100-Hour weeks and having no “life”

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. So how do Uber-Successful Entrepreneurs get so much MORE done in those 24 hours?

For example, even though he came from a dirt poor background, Paul Szyarto:

  • At 22, sold his first asset which optimized leads for mortgage companies.

  • At 23, managed his first million in revenue as an entrepreneur.

  • At 27, was building an international company with cumulative revenues over $95M.

  • At 31, earned his second Master’s degree

  • At 32, supporting more than 300 international clients

  • At 33, selected by Microsoft to manage the deployment of a $20B engagement

  • At 34, invented DELCON to manage $50B in client capital.

  • At 35, started his Doctoral studies

  • At 36, taught business at the Wharton School at UPENN.

  • At 37, became CEO of Campana and Schott. Started his own Private Equity company.

  • At 38, started franchising fitness studios.

  • At 39, became Executive Director for Rutgers University.

  • At 40, started DataPella, became a founding member of the iabdp. Invested in more than 10 assets.

  • At 41, PS Group now managing over $200m in assets

So people are always asking…"how did he DO all of this? 

Join Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Paul Szyarto To Discover . . .

How To Use The Impact Sprinting Method To Produce More Wealth & Actual, REAL Happiness…

(Without “Grinding” For Weeks on End!)

Hack mentors

If you’ve ever listened to any of the HACK mentors proliferating the internet these days, they’re all saying things like “10X Everything!” or “hustle and GRIND your way to success!”

mentors with fake wealth

But behind the scenes, those same HACK mentors are either: 1) nowhere near as wealthy as they portray, or 2) they’re about to drop dead from the very grind they preach...or both.

It doesn't have to be that way!

time for a real mentor

On this Free Webinar, Serial Entrepreneur Paul Szyarto will show you how to be Uber-Productive and get yourself on the Road to becoming Wealthy...while still enjoying a Happy, Fulfilling Life!

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The 5-Step Time Optimization Plan You Can Apply to Make Massive Progress In Any Area of Your Life


How To Make More Money and Save Time By Becoming an Expert (Even If You’re Super-Busy)


What You Should NEVER Do When Prioritizing Your Tasks If You Want to Become a Top Performer



If you are going to be in the fight of your life then you want a mentor and coach who has been there to help you crush the competition and establish and capture new territories, Paul Szyarto is the person I want in any fox hole I Occupy.

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