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    Immediate Actions You Must Take: During a crisis, the worst thing you can do is be paralyzed by fear. You need to take massive action - but not just ANY action. I’ll show you what steps to take to assure you’re never broke(n) - either financially, or mentally.
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    How To Seize Opportunities Created by Crisis (Even If You Have No Money): All around you, there are companies making fortunes in this massive downturn. I’ll show you how to learn from what they’re doing, apply it to your business, or even start a new venture . . . even if you don’t have any money.
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    3 “Survivor Entrepreneur” Rules You CANNOT Break: Countless businesses will be lost to this downturn. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them - BUT - it will require serious commitment to the 3 Rules of Survivor Entrepreneurs. These rules are tough, merciless even. But you must adhere to them if you don’t want to become just another casualty.
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    Tools To Transform Yourself NOW: I’ll give you the actionable steps you can take right away. PLUS, I’ll give you tools you need to speed your business transformation process, so you can go from barely surviving to thriving in a matter of weeks, not months.
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From a Mentor Who Has Been To Hell And Back . . .

Paul Szyarto grew up on the streets of NJ surrounded by violence, without guidance, in a home filled with dysfunction from an abusive alcoholic, drug addicted father.

. . . Who Can Lead You Out of Despair To Success!

He rose from impossible odds to become an Oxford University and Wharton Business School educated transformation expert who spent the last twenty years optimizing billions and maximizing the bottom lines of more than 600 global companies including Microsoft, Goodyear, BP, GE, United Technologies, Kellogg, Alcoa, Autoliv, Darden, Yum, and many more.